Surveillance Officer
Are known as the eyes of the casino, the duties of the Surveillance Officer shall be:
  • Observe all activities carried out throughout the casino property with use of CCTV.
  • Audit employees ensuring they are following company procedures & policies.
    • • Looking for habitual mistake offenders & suspicious actions.
  • Monitor guests and customers within the casino for potential trouble.
    • • Potential cheaters, scammers & thieves.
  • Ensure games are conducted in a fair manner following company protocols.
  • Report irregularities & abnormalities in the day-to-day functioning of the gaming floor.
  • Conducting reviews to observe suspected mistakes & errors.
  • Communicate with gaming managers regarding reviews & gaming observations.
  • Preparing information for the Surveillance Supervisor.

Surveillance Supervisor
  • Perform the same duties as a Surveillance Officer.
  • Will be called upon to perform the difficult reviews and confirm reviews of Officers.
  • Overlook operations in the Surveillance Room on a day-to-day basis.
  • Compile daily reports for Club Manager.
  • Prepare weekly reports for Director.

Assistant Surveillance Manager
  • Observe, Monitor & Report.
  • Responsible for the smooth operation of the Surveillance Room.
  • Confirms all reports made for Club Manager & Director.
  • Compile work rosters for Officers & Supervisors.
  • Prepare monthly attendance reports for HR.
  • Make recommendations to Head/Director for camera placement/relocation.
  • Oversee training for new staff.