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Marriage is a game played with three decks of cards, the main theme of the game is to arrange all 21 cards before any other player. The cards are arranged by making a pure sequence of three or more cards of the same suit. Three such sequences are a must. Thereafter, one can make 'dirty' sequences using one or more jokers or by making 'dirty' by keeping a joker with a pair. Besides this, a hand can also be declared if someone has eight pairs (two same cards of same suits) or eight jokers. A hand can also be declared if a player possesses three triplets in dealt hand (or tanela e.g. three jacks of spade), which happens rarely. Another a double marriage rarity, a double marriage is also a declared hand and one doesn't need any sequence after getting a double marriage.

After a player declares a hand others have to count the points that they are carrying. If a player possesses three pure sequences or seven pairs or many jokers then they are a 'less' state and don't have to count their points. If they don't, except for a four or more card sequence and tanelas, they have to count all remaining card points.

While counting point, a 10 or a face card is counted as one point. For other cards, their sum is totalled and divided by ten to receive the remaining number of points. If a player has only one card with a value of less than five, then that is considered as zero point and a card with value more than five (including the Ace) is considered as one point. After the points are counted, the player declaring the game receives money from the other players according to the number of points that they are carrying. However, each player if entitled to receiving money according to value possessed by him in the form of point cards tanela or a marriage.

Jokers are a vital part of the money makers and are those cards that make this game fun by adding an element of luck in it. After 21 cards are dealt to all the players, one card is pulled out from the remaining deck and it is called 'tiplu'. Then the lower card to the tiplu is called 'nichlu' and higher card is called 'paplu'. For example, if a 10 of hearts is pulled out from the remaining deck, it becomes the tiplu whereas the Jack of hearts is the paplu and the 9 of hearts becomes the nichlu. These tiplu, paplu and nichlu are called point card and they have their values which one can collect from all other players in behalf of holding these cards.

A joker is the card with the same value as the tiplu but of a different suit (a 10 of diamonds, clubs or spades, as per the previous example). The point cards are all jokers, the only difference between joker and point card is the joker has no point value whereas the point card does. Otherwise, both can be used in the same way in forming dirty sequences or trials.

The sequence of paplu, tiplu and nichlu is called a marriage. A marriage is always worth the most number of points.

One of the greatest reasons why this game is so popular is its flexibility. Various extra jokers kept in the deck make this game a rapid action event whereas absence of jokers turns this game to a slow time passing game. Casino Pride has different tables with different point values.

Also offered is a 27 card version of this game.

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